Incentivize people to be happy,
and such happiness is in cent by blockchain

HAPPY blockchain

HAPPYINCENT is developing a blockchain system to fairly assess user activities and appropriate compensation to the user.
There are many user generated contents and consumer generated media in the world. Operating companies have contributed to provide platforms to users and sell their users as advertising media, but they do not share huge revenues or equity securities as user's compensation. Moreover, there was a tragedy that user info was sold for a president election.
We would like users to fly away from a centralized business model which is unfair and exploitative, and stay in our decentralized business model which provides fair assessment and compensation following user's action.

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  • 2019.03.05

    Asset Genius continues developing our service platform as our partner.

    HAPPYINCENT is pleased to announce that we have contracted the new phase of our service platform development with Asset Genius. After their proto type development, we had focused on planning service models and architecting the platform system. Comparing with several potential partners, Asset Genius proposed the best solution with a profound understandings of our business, and thus we agreed this exciting opportunity with Asset Genius.

    Asset Genius:

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  • 2019.01.09

    HAPPY TOKEN is approved for the listing on CoinBene.

    HAPPYINCENT is pleased to announce that HAPPY TOKEN is approved for the listing on CoinBene.

    CoinBene - HAPPYINCENT

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  • 2018.12.18

    HAPPYINCENT opened a website of HAPPY BLOCKCHAIN.

    HAPPYINCENT is pleased to announce that we opened the HAPPY BLOCKCHAIN website.


  • 2018.07.31

    Asset Genius becomes our shareholder to strengthen our partnership.

    HAPPYINCENT is pleased to announce that Asset Genius contracted the capital tie-up agreement with us, today. As we announced in June, Asset Genius is our system development partner. We seek our success on FinTech and Blockchain and concluded the agreement to strengthen our partnership.

    Asset Genius:

    J-Holdings IR News:

  • 2018.06.20

    Asset Genius becomes our partner to develop our new service platform.

    HAPPYINCENT is pleased to announce that J-Holdings (stock code: 2721.T) has officially announced our platform development partnership with their subsidiary, Asset Genius, today. J-Holding is a property business related company, and Asset Genius contributes to the group by providing the cutting-edge FinTech system development.